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Save £'s compared to national companies!

The Screensaver Windscreens guarantees huge savings on windscreen repair and replacement compared to using a national company. Our prices are amongst the lowest in the industry and have been for years.

Look how much you could save....

  Our price Other national companies price A saving of...
Peugeot 106 £129 £239 £110
Ford Focus £169 £360 £191
Ford Transit £129 £345 £216
Ford Fiesta £139 £289 £150
Volkswagen Golf £169 £399 £230
Renault Clio £129 £279 £150

Welcome to The Screen Saver Windscreens

Our windscreen and body glass prices are often 50% cheaper than our competitors, and you can get a fast quote right now by calling 0800 954 9975 or filling in the 'Quick Quote' form on the site. Don't delay - the longer you leave a chip or crack, they more likely it is you'll need a full replacement rather than a repair.

With a bump or pothole, or even with a temperature change, a small impact crack or stone chip can quickly spread into a potentially dangerous crack that will undermine the integrity of your whole windscreen. Any further impact and the glass won't provide the protection you need.

Chipped and cracked windscreens are one of the most common reasons for MOT failure, so don't wait for more bad news, call The Screen Saver Windscreens now and get expert repair or replacement of any of your car's side windows and body glass quickly and affordably.

For windscreen repair we employ state-of-the-art high-pressure resin injection. The compound we use is exceptionally hard when set, and will have the same refractive index as the existing glass so it's almost invisible!

Windscreen repair is fast and effective and can quite easily last for the lifetime of the car itself. As well as our replacement services we're often called upon for the replacement of body glass - side windows and quarter-lights that have been broken as a result of vandalism or theft. At The Screen Saver Windscreens we can supply and fit side windows and body glass for any make and model of car, at significantly reduced prices.

If you do need windscreen replacement or new glass for any part of your car, including heated rear windows and side windows, The Screen Saver Windscreens mobile workshop comes direct to you at your convenience - bringing your new windscreen with us. Using the latest tools and techniques we can complete your replacement quickly and efficiently, and while we may be done in record time, your car will need to sit for a further 60 minutes to cure the bonding agent and allow it to reach its optimum seal.

At The Screen Saver Windscreens we use high-quality windscreens for all our windscreen replacements, but we install these for you with a greater reduced margin than some other windscreen replacement companies. For expert repair or replacement call The Screen Saver Windscreens now on 0800 954 9975.

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