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Windscreen Repair in Kent, Surrey

We are the experts in nationwide windscreen replacement and repair. With a full mobile service available to carry out repair or replacement on almost any vehicle, for any glass, including side windows and heated rear windscreens, The Screen Saver Windscreens technicians can return your windscreen and body glass to a safe condition in record time.

Don't let a chip or crack develop into a larger, more expensive problem that puts your safety at risk. Whether you're at home or at work, our windscreen repair service only takes twenty minutes, and leaves you safe to drive on the roads again.

We use a £1 coin to judge the size and severity of your windscreen damage - if it's smaller or roughly the same size as the coin, we can normally repair it, avoiding a full windscreen replacement. We repair scratched, chipped and pitted areas quickly and efficiently, and ensure that all our crack repairs are up to MOT required standards.

Our experience means we're able to quickly identify and resolve any screen damage. Using a high-tech system that injects an extremely hard resin into the damaged area of the screen laminate, we're able to achieve repairs that are almost invisible; repairs that share the same refractive index as your existing glass.

Affordable and easily arranged, our cracked windscreen repair isn't a temporary fix - the results are as tough and strong as the original glass.

Avoid full windscreen replacement with our repair services and prevent increased insurance premiums or costly excess payments - call us today on 0800 954 9975 and talk to one of our operators about windscreen chip repair.

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